Tuesday, 30 September 2014

CELTA course, October 6--31

Left to right, Gerard, Maeve Keohane (not shown), Nigel and Roger are the course tutors for the two groups each of 12 trainees starting October 6th.

The October 6th course has in fact been full for some time. You really want to apply at least eight weeks in advance for our CELTA courses, though we do accept late applications if places do remain.

Other CELTA courses coming up shortly

In Barcelona
November 3—28
November 3—February 23, 2015 (part-time)
January 7—February 3
January 12—April 24 (online)

Other dates | Apply for the course

CELTA courses in China | Next course in China: February 2—27, 2015
CELTA courses in Mexico | Next course in Mexico: October 6—October 3

Friday, 26 September 2014

Infographic | Who takes CELTA courses?

Image | Pre-course employment and previous experience of a sample group of trainees on a CELTA course at IH Barcelona in August 2014

What sort of people take CELTA courses at IH Barcelona -- who will be your classmates, in other words, if you take your course with us?

In the image, above, you have a sample class which is fairly representative: they are by no means all people straight out of college, people from around the world and from all walks of life, with and without teaching experience.

Our data from 2013 shows that 66% of our CELTA course trainees were women, 35% were non-native speakers of English and 39% had no previous teaching experience at all.

On ihes.com, our main site, you have the full infographic, and more details.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Technology for language learning

Coming up shortly (starting October 20), we have a six-module, 6-week 100% online course, Technology for language learning, which covers important aspects of 21st century education that in the four-weeks of your CELTA course you will not have a lot of time to touch on.

Technology hasn't displaced the learner from being the centre of attention in virtually all aspects of learning, but it is a huge subject on which it's well worth being properly informed. Central to the course is how the learners (not the teacher!) can use technology to learn more, better.

Post-CELTA, one of things you need to do is to go on learning to teach. You can do that informally, just by gathering experience and reflecting on it, and talking to colleagues and via social media, but online courses and workshops are always worth considering. You're a teacher now -- but you still need to go on learning!

See also our full list of online teacher development courses for language teachers.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Macmilllan online ELT conference 2014

Coming up in November (10th-14th) is Macmillan's online conference for English language teachers.

I never tire of saying that, post-CELTA, it's vital to go on learning to teach, no matter how much experience you may have acquired.

Having been to lots of Macmillan training events, both face-to-face and online (not to mention giving a number of talks at them myself!), I can highly recommend it.

Programme and registration.

If you teach in Spain, Macmillan ELT Spain also have some great Teachers' Days to look out for, normally March to June.