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CELTA: the initial TEFL course


• Next intensive CELTA course starts Barcelona August 27

"Have you got TEFL?" you may be asked if you start to look for a job teaching English. But TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as it is more widely known in the US, is in fact of course a profession, not a certificate at all.

What people probably mean when they say that is, "Have you got CELTA?". CELTA (the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the initial TEFL course to take.

There are lots of others, but none so widely recognised as Cambridge CELTA. If you're serious about a career in TEFL, get yourself properly qualified for it.

If a Director of Studies in a reputable language school anywhere in the world asks you "Have you got TEFL?" what they almost definitely mean is "Have you got CELTA?". If your answer is "No", then sorry, you didn't get the job...

About this site

The celta-course.com site serves two purposes. First of all it provides general details on what a CELTA course involves, for prospective students thinking of taking up a career in TEFL; if that's you, see particularly the "What a CELTA course is like" section.

More particularly, it provides information on the CELTA course run in Barcelona by the teacher training department at International House Barcelona - see the course details section, for example.

Secondly, it is intended to be of practical use to students actually taking the course here in Barcelona - with information on Barcelona itself, as well as the resources section.

If you are actually doing the CELTA course with us, please read this section.

About IH Barcelona

International House Barcelona is one of the leading language teacher training centres in Europe, with courses for English language (TEFL) teachers as well as for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).

IH Barcelona also runs CELTA courses in Mallorca and Mexico.

More about IH Barcelona.


A big "thank you" to all the trainees and tutors who have given up their time (often right in the middle of their course!) to provide their insight on it.

August 2014


CELTA in China

IH Barcelona also runs CELTA courses in other places: our newest centre is in Beijing.

CELTA courses in China

Next course in China: November 3—27

CELTA in Mexico

We also run CELTA courses in Mexico, in the Caribbean resort of Playa del Carmen.

Next course in Mexico: Sept. 8—October 3


Just three days ago I wasn't a teacher but in thirty days' time I'm going to be..."

What is a CELTA course like? Tom Walton talked to trainee Rob McCaul in order to find out...



In language teaching, we can say that the difference between good learners and bad learners is not the way they behave, but how we behave towards them.

-- Luke Prodromou


You have two ears and one tongue. Use them in that proportion.

-- Finnish proverb

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