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The Internet for TEFL

Ten websites that will probably be of use to you during your CELTA course. In no particular order:

  • Yahoo!
    Apart from being the most generous, and arguably the most reliable, free e-mail service widely available, Yahoo also has an excellent briefcase (30 MB of free storage space - an entire lifetime of lessons plans!); an excellent personal photo album service; news photographs, great as material you can base lessons around; as well as (a personal favourite) a wacky news item section, Oddly Enough, which is great for short zany texts to use in class.
  • The BBC
    The BBC is for keeping in touch with what's going on in the world (how did Hearts do on Saturday?) but it's got an awful lot more, too. Want a text to do in class? On the Beeb, you'll find one on just about any subject you care to mention.
  • The Guardian
    The UK's best newspaper website, another one for keeping in touch with the world. Neat little TEFL section, too.
  • Onestopenglish
    Onestopenglish (which comes from publishers Macmillan) is your one-stop shop if it's photocopiable, ready-made lesson plans if you're after. Before you download any lesson plan off of the Web, ask yourself "What would my CELTA course tutor have to say about it?". If you'll pardon the expression, there's a lot of absolute crap out there; still be critical of what you find even on this site, but it's a cut above most.
  • Developingteachers.com
    A web site for the developing language teacher (guess that's you right?!), interesting tips, lesson plans (the usual caution...) and a great little newsletter...
  • Tefl.com
    If you're looking for a TEFL job anywhere in the world, tefl.com is somewhere you definitely want to check out. Remember, however, that you are most likely to get a job if you are there, on the spot, in the country.
  • Infojobs
    If you want a TEFL job in Spain (and not just Barcelona), the Spanish careers portal Infojobs is a good bet, apart from anything else as it has an email service for job offers (a bit of pain to set up, admittedly - but we can help you with that in the Internet Room).
  • More TEFL jobs
    On the main IH teacher training site there's a page with a good selection of further TEFL jobs sites.
  • Barcelona Online
    Barcelona Online is a directory of sites with information about Barcelona - useful if you're going to be doing your CELTA course in Barcelona. Originally designed for Spanish students at IH Barcelona, it's celta-course.com's sister site.
  • Celta-course.com
    Whoops! Nearly forgot to include this site! Now (seriously) if you are studying here at IH with us and you don't find the site useful, come and tell us, we're interested. What we want to know is what you do or would find useful!

And one site I love to hate

  • Dave's ESL Café
    Dave's ESL Café is probably one of the most popular TEFL sites there is, though I've never really understood why. The design is absolutely atrocious. It looks like Dave designed it himself, way back, and it just got bigger and bigger and, as a result, worse and worse. Before you use anything in class you get at Dave's, ask yourself, "Would my CELTA course tutor just totally freak out if I used this?"

    What Dave's does have that is really interesting is its international jobs forum, a good place to search before you set off for a job somewhere exotic, apart from anything else.

Other sites

What can you use the Internet for in ELT (English language teaching, that is)?

One thing is a source for a "text" to base a lesson on. Someone was looking for a text on superstitions the other day. A quick search on Google produced this amazing list of superstitions.

You're in Barcelona with us? Drop by the Internet Room and Tom will be happy to help you find something for your lesson.

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