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About this site and the Internet room

Hi - and welcome to IH, too.

You and I are almost certainly going to meet when you come up to the Internet Room to check your mail. I'm there at least a couple of hours a day every day, so come and say hello! (When I'm not there, my colleagues Sergio and Natxo are.)

Celta-course.com, apart from having general information on the course, is also intended to be of practical use to you while you are here doing the course.

Can you help me?

It's the newest of the various IH websites that I'm responsible for and if you've got ideas on what it would be useful to you to find here on the site, I'd be really interested to hear about them.

Parts of the projected site are still under development, and we're going to be adding content to it. We'd like that content to be useful to you - and you are the best person who can tell us what would be!

Can I help you?

Apart from being responsible for a number of websites, I'm also here to help with any technical difficulties anyone might have using the computers or the Internet itself.

Having lived and worked in Barcelona since 1982, I know a lot about the city and am sometimes a good person to ask about teaching jobs (particularly if you think you'd like to go on summer camp with kids!).

If you need help, just ask...!


FAQs regarding the Internet Room

  • Could you please advise on the level of computer skills required, if any, on a CELTA course?
    It's certainly true that a lot of our trainees do use both word processing programmes (Word etc) during the course for their assignments, and most certainly use the Internet, particularly for email, as well as finding things for their classes. You could, however, do the CELTA course successfully without any knowledge of computers or computer programmes at all. The courses certainly don't require computer usage at any point.

    The course includes one input session introducing you to some of the possible uses that you could make of new technologies as a language teacher. It definitely is worth language teachers being aware of the possibilities and being sufficiently computer literate to be able to use them in the classroom but, again, this is a plus on your CV, not in any way a course requirement.

  • Can I hook my laptop up to your network and use it to access the Web? Yes, we provide wireless access, on 4 of the 6 floors of the school building, if you have a suitably equipped laptop

  • I've got a problem with my laptop. Can you help me? We'll try - but we can't guarantee you a solution.

  • I've got a problem with my laptop - and it's a Mac. Arrgh! (No, probably not.)

Tom Walton

Tom Walton, editor of celta-course.com, and webmaster at IH Barcelona, has lived in the Internet Room (?!) since 2002, and in Barcelona since 1982.

Internet Room

The Internet Room is open 10.30-21.00 Mon-Thurs, 10.30-18.00 on Fridays, and 9.30-1.30 on Saturdays.

On most days during your course it is also open at 8.00 in the morning, before class.